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Jiangmen kasole building materials co LTD Is a focus on floor materials and construction technology for the long term development of professional knowledge and high starting point with practical business philosophy science advanced management system strict persistent exploration spirit and rich resources of abundant background show the distinctive cultural features and outstanding enterprise advantage It is not only devoted to the basic research of the technical process of the floor and the introduction of the international advanced floor technology and its supporting materials And in the spirit of innovation to carry out independent research and development In order to support and serve...

Categories and Products

Hard Acrylic Courts

Acrylic (acrylic) court coating Green hard acrylic paint Red hard acrylic paint White hard acrylic paint Green Acrylic sports flooring Red Acrylic sports flooring Tennis court Acrylic sports flooring Acrylic Basketball Court floor Outdoor Acrylic Sports Flooring Basketball Court PU Flooring 

Grouting Material

High strength non-shrinkage grouting material 

Floor Coating Series

Metal Floor Hardener

Metal wear-resistant floor hardener Primary color metal floor hardener Iron green metal floor hardener Chrome green metal floor hardener Light gray metal aggregate Medium grey metal hardener Dark gray metal surface hardener Yellow metal ground hardener Red metal floor hardener Peacock blue non-metallic ground hardener Peacock blue metal surface hardener Sky blue metal floor hardener Tin titanium alloy wear floor Concrete super flat floor Imported chrome green metal surface hardener Epoxy resin emery floor paint 

Epoxy Anti - Static Level Coating

Epoxy antistatic self-leveling floor Peacock blue epoxy anti-static top coat coating Brilliant Green Epoxy Antistatic Topcoat coating Grass green epoxy anti-static topcoat coating Light grey epoxy anti-static topcoat coating Gray epoxy anti-static topcoat coating Dark grey epoxy anti-static topcoat coating Sky Blue Epoxy Antistatic Topcoat coating Antistatic epoxy for hospitals and laboratories Epoxy mortar anti-static floor paint Workshop epoxy mortar anti-static floor paint Factory epoxy mortar anti-static floor paint Parking lot epoxy mortar anti-static floor paint Hospital epoxy mortar anti-static floor paint Clean room epoxy mortar anti-static floor paint 

Non-metallic Ground Hardener

Non-metallic wear-resistant surface hardener Primary non-metallic surface hardener Iron green non-metallic floor hardener Chrome green non-metallic floor hardener Light gray non-metallic aggregate Medium - grey non-metallic surface hardener Deep grey non-metal surface hardener Yellow non-metallic floor hardener Red non-metallic floor hardener Sky blue non-metallic floor hardener Imported chrome green non-metallic floor hardener Emery wear-resistant floor paint 

Epoxy Antistatic Self-leveling Floor

Yellow epoxy anti-static topcoat Solvent-free epoxy electrical room self-leveling Epoxy anti-static thin coating finish Workshop epoxy anti-static thin coating finish Factory epoxy anti-static thin coating finish Indoor epoxy anti-static thin coating finish Epoxy skin Anti-Static Flooring Anti Static Epoxy Floor Factory Anti static epoxy coating Indoor Anti static epoxy coating 

Anti-static Ground Hardener

Anti-static aggregate ground hardener 

Epoxy Flat Ground And Mortar Floor

Flat painted epoxy floor Grass green epoxy flat coating Brilliant Green Epoxy Flat Coating Light grey epoxy flat coating Medium gray epoxy flat coating Dark gray epoxy flat coating Sky blue epoxy flat coating Yellow epoxy flat coating Parking without vibration preventing slide Dark gray bead epoxy flat coating Kasole epoxy floor paint Black epoxy sanding ramp Epoxy resin thin floor Composite wear-resistant epoxy floor paint Environmentally friendly epoxy floor coatings for hospital Epoxy floor paint for indoor resin paint Suitable for high hardness epoxy resin floor paint Heavy industrial indoor floor epoxy paint Chemical laboratory epoxy floor coating Anti-skid heavy duty workshop epoxy paint 

Non-flammable Ground Hardener

Anti-static anti-static floor hardener Non flammable anti-static emery 

Epoxy Mortar Self Leveling Floor

Epoxy resin self-leveling floor Epoxy mortar self-leveling floor Epoxy resin coated floor paint Penetrating epoxy base oil Solvent-free transparent epoxy varnish Closed epoxy base oil Solvent transparent epoxy varnish Non Solvent epoxy primer Non Solvent epoxy coating Yellow epoxy self-leveling floor Epoxy self-leveling thin coating floor Epoxy brilliant green small wrinkle floor Wear - resistant epoxy floor paint for workshop Epoxy floor paint odorless paint for office Solvent-free epoxy resin concrete floor coating Epoxy resin floor in factory garage Self-leveling epoxy resin coating concrete floor paint Food grade epoxy self-leveling floor paint Solvent-free epoxy self-leveling floor agent Solvent-free food grade floor paint 

Epoxy Self Leveling Sand (Self-Leveling)

Brilliant green epoxy self-leveling Grass green epoxy self-leveling Light grey Epoxy self-leveling Medium gray epoxy self-leveling Dark grey epoxy self-leveling Peacock blue epoxy self-leveling Sky blue epoxy self-leveling Epoxy sand self-leveling paint Epoxy color sand floor coating Laser self-leveling epoxy resin self-leveling floor paint Store acid resistant epoxy floor paint Epoxy resin self-leveling floor epoxy floor paint Anti-dust epoxy self-leveling resin paint Wear-resistant floor paint epoxy self-leveling paint factory Epoxy self-leveling floor paint for cement floor paint 2MM high hardness epoxy resin paint 1.5MM epoxy self-leveling floor paint 1MM epoxy self-leveling floor 0.5MM epoxy self-leveling floor Epoxy cement concrete self-leveling floor 

Special Epoxy Stop Slurry Floor

Special epoxy slipping mortar floor Epoxy anti slip floor Silent lane epoxy floor paint Epoxy mortar anti-slip floor paint Ramp epoxy mortar anti-slip floor paint Factory ramp epoxy mortar anti-slip floor paint Parking lot slope epoxy mortar slip floor paint Hospital ramp epoxy mortar anti-slip floor paint Mall ramp epoxy mortar slip floor paint 

Self Leveling Cement Floor

Basic cement self-leveling floor Anti-dust epoxy resin self-leveling paint Industrial Grade Epoxy Coating 

Waterborne Polyurethane Mortar Floor

Peacock blue epoxy flat coating Waterborne polyurethane mortar floor Concrete floor solvent-free epoxy floor paint Waterproof epoxy floor coating Solvent-free epoxy thin coating finish Hospital solvent-free epoxy thin coating finish Clean room solvent-free epoxy thin coating 

Waterborne Epoxy Resin Floor

Water-based epoxy floor paint Grass green waterborne epoxy floor paint Brilliant green waterborne epoxy floor paint Light grey epoxy waterborne floor paint Medium gray water epoxy floor paint Dark gray waterborne epoxy floor paint Sky blue waterborne epoxy floor paint Peacock Blue Waterborne Epoxy Floor Paint Yellow waterborne epoxy floor paint Self - leveling shock resistant waterborne epoxy resin Transparent epoxy resin wholesale price floor paint Liquid epoxy self-leveling paint for laboratory Transparent resin epoxy liquid floor paint High quality waterborne epoxy floor coating Epoxy wear-resistant floor coating for basement High quality epoxy floor Waterborne Epoxy Resin Paint Waterborne Polyurethane Epoxy Floor Polyurethane Mortar Resin Floor Epoxy resin waterborne floor paint 

Pervious Concrete Floor System

Red permeable concrete floor system Green permeable concrete floor Drainable permeable concrete floor colorful water permeable concrete Porous concrete permeable floor 

Curing Agent

Water-based Curing Agent

Water-based curing agent KS-3C01 Water-based curing agent KS-3C02 Economic brightener floor materials Water-based reactive curing agent 

Oil Curing Agent

Oil curing agent KS-3C03 

Sealed Curing Agent

Concrete seal curing agent Emery plus solidified ground Curing agent ground construction Osmotic concrete seal hardener 

PU Plastic Runway Floor Materials

Composite particle plastic runway Traditional particle plastic runway Ventilated particle plastic runway PU Athletic Running Track PU running track flooring Athletic Running Track Flooring Breathable Running Track Flooring Hybrid Running Track Flooring mixed type Running Track Flooring PU Outdoor running track 

Silicon PU/PU Plastic Stadium

Mixed non-slip plastic stadium All-plastic non-slip plastic stadium 

Solvent-free Epoxy Floor

Solvent-free Colored Sand Floor

Color sand mortar floor paint Office color sand mortar floor paint Walkway color sand mortar floor paint Cinema color sand mortar floor paint Solvent-free epoxy color sand self-flowing flat paint Office solvent-free epoxy color sand self-flowing flat paint Office epoxy color sand floor Epoxy color sand self-leveling floor 

Epoxy Sanding Floor

Epoxy Sanding Slipping Floor

Epoxy sanding floor paint Lane epoxy sanding floor paint Ground epoxy sanding floor paint 

Concrete Art Floor Series

Ecological microlite art floor Commercial art lamination process Concrete Art Coloring Agent Concrete epoxy resin art floor paint Art epoxy self-leveling floor Metallic Epoxy floor coating Residential Building Metallic Epoxy flooring Metallic Epoxy Flooring Service Ink Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Epoxy resins coating system 

Epoxy Microbead Floor

Silent microbead wear-resistant epoxy flat coating Workshop silent beads wear-resistant epoxy flat coating Factory silent microbead wear-resistant epoxy flat coating Factory silent beads wear-resistant epoxy flat coating Indoor silent beads wear-resistant epoxy flat coating Garage Silent Beads Wear-resistant Epoxy Flat Coating 

Epoxy Orange Peel Floor

Orange peel wear-resistant epoxy flat coating floor 

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