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Do you know the beauty of terrazzo?

Speaking of terrazzo, the impression is probably the standard of the school and hospital corridor. Although it is wear-resistant, there is a sense of cheapness that cannot be said.

The terrazzo is a product obtained by mixing gravel, glass, quartz stone and the like into a cement binder after grinding and polishing. Therefore, most of the time it appears rough, long construction period and high cost.

Due to the limitations of the production process at the time, the terrazzo itself has the disadvantages of troublesome handling, easy penetration, easy wear and easy weathering. After the 1990s, new materials began to appear. The performance and price of granite and artificial stone were more dominant than terrazzo, and the terrazzo was gradually forgotten.

The terrazzo once again returns to people's vision, what depends on it?

Yan value!


Today's terrazzo
What are the characteristics and advantages?

A. Fine material

In recent years, people have begun to use epoxy instead of cement as a binder for terrazzo. Epoxy resin is more delicate and rich in color, so the color of terrazzo has begun to enrich.


B. Rich in color
Terrazzo, not just gray

Colorful terrazzo is the fashion darling


Today's is no longer the floor tile that people are impressed with. The advanced technology injects a variety of colors into the terrazzo, fresh pink, elegant blue, fresh green, and calm black. Different colors create a different style for the space.

Pink terrazzo

Pink + pink is the most effortless and pleasing match. The pink terrazzo wall creates a girllike softness to the space. The terrazzo pattern also brings jumping to the overall pink space, avoiding the dullness caused by color accumulation.


If you prefer a light space, try pink terrazzo + white, white can reduce the accumulation of large areas of pink, and the rough texture of the terrazzo itself can add a calm to the white, thus reaching the space The balance of color and texture.


The rough texture of cement ash coincides with the pink terrazzo, but the elegant pink adds texture to the rough, making the space look chic and elegant.

Blue terrazzo


Blue, there is always an innate ocean atmosphere, so the blue terrazzo is usually used in small spaces such as bathrooms, which is neither too dull nor rough because of the terrazzo texture.

Green terrazzo

Green is always reminiscent of all kinds of plants, and the green interior can naturally bring life and vitality. This vibrant color adds a fresh, clear personality to the terrazzo.


The bathroom with the theme of green terrazzo seems to have the illusion of "always dry."